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Spring Cleaning!

A little late perhaps but I am starting to refresh the site. If you find any broken links or things that just plain don't work then please let me know using the Contact Me link below.

Meanwhile here's a very un-springlike image from the archives - Bridestones in Snow.


Busy, busy!

Great start to the year. Following on from success in the Yorkshire International Salon where "Leah @ 10 months" was awarded a FIAP Ribbon, 2 images were commended in the Yorkshire Photographic Union's Annual Exhibition, another won "best travel print" and I won a camera with a mono version of the cycling image "Climbing From Pecket Well" featured in the previous imagelines post.

2 new galleries of festival pictures added too - Hebden Bridge Folk & Roots Festival 2019 and Costa del Folk Ibiza 2019.

Here is the award winning travel print - "Stockfish Drying, Lofoten".

Stockfish Drying, Lofoten

2019 - The year of the print

These digital file things are all very well. But nothing really beats a good print that you hang on the wall.

Very pleased to have just delivered a copy of the colour version of "Climbing from Pecket Well" to a customer who bought it as a present for a friend who is a keen cyclist.

Which picture would you give to your friend?

2018 - The good, bad and the ugly

Nearly everyone does reviews of the year in December. From the friends and family round-robins detailing little Harry's scholastic achievements to the national press going back over the highs and lows of the big news stories of the year. So I thought I'd have a go! Throughout the year, Hebden Bridge Camera Club (of which I am President) have a number of competitions. The best scores in these are added to your best scores in the annual competition. And the member with the highest number of points gets the Photographer of the Year trophy. This year it has my name engraved on it. I also took home another trophy for "Best Print in the Annual Competition (Special Category - which this year was architecture and general record) - for the picture of Hallgrímskirkja below.

I don't enter very many International Salons (competitions) these days but I always try and support the Yorkshire International Salon. I was really pleased to have 2 out of 6 prints accepted. One scored a maximum 15 and was awarded a FIAP Ribbon.

A request to photograph a Christmas Singalong lead to the following endorsement from the organiser - "Thanks too for your time and effort in getting the shots, and also for the very discreet way you went about it. I was scarcely aware that you were there most of the time." Sometimes it's good to be invisible!

Hope you had a good year too. Here's to 2019.

Remember, remember

November this year heralds a change in my photography. Well, in some of the equipment I use anyway. I have used Pentax cameras since the days of film. My first SLR, a Pentax KX was followed by a KM and when that was stolen, a Z1. Pentax were slow to enter the digital age but as I have quite a lot of lenses I stuck with them. My first digital SLR (DSLR) came along in 2005 - a Pentax *ist D. Fast forward 13 years and my K3 is showing its age. The AF is not terribly reliable on moving subjects and its performance in low light is not exactly stellar. So I have dipped my toe in the water with a mirrorless system. If I get on with my new Sony A7III then I will sell off my Pentax lenses and replace them with equivalents for my new toy.

But it's November the 5th. So that means fireworks.

So long Maart

Farewell to Maartin Allcock who died on 16th September. Maartin had an 11 year stint playing with Fairport Convention as well as playing as a session musician on more than 200 albums. He was also a respected producer. Another fine musician who left us far too soon - seen here playing at Cropredy in 2009.