A world of photography

Remember, remember

November this year heralds a change in my photography. Well, in some of the equipment I use anyway. I have used Pentax cameras since the days of film. My first SLR, a Pentax KX was followed by a KM and when that was stolen, a Z1. Pentax were slow to enter the digital age but as I have quite a lot of lenses I stuck with them. My first digital SLR (DSLR) came along in 2005 - a Pentax *ist D. Fast forward 13 years and my K3 is showing its age. The AF is not terribly reliable on moving subjects and its performance in low light is not exactly stellar. So I have dipped my toe in the water with a mirrorless system. If I get on with my new Sony A7III then I will sell off my Pentax lenses and replace them with equivalents for my new toy.

But it's November the 5th. So that means fireworks.